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Why Korean
Natural Farming?

KNF is Affordable

Korean Natural Farming is an all-natural farming experience that works for whatever the size of your farm or garden. You can exponentially increase the output of your farm at about half the price of traditional organic inputs.

KNF is Profitable

Korean Natural Farming partners with nature to grow abundant food, combining rock-solid technique that increases your profit and extends the life of your land with regenerative agriculture.

KNF is Sustainable

Korean Natural Farming broadens our perspective of how nature is self-sustaining and how, if we pay attention to it, we can partner with nature’s incredible design. The practice teaches us to use the power of observation to heighten our awareness of the intricacies of plant and livestock growth.

Teaming People Up
With Nature's Design

Modern farming techniques try to get quick results while ignoring the very land that gives us our food. Farming inputs have long-lasting effects that we are just now beginning to feel the effects of. Korean Natural Farming teams up with nature's design to help broaden our understanding of nature's self-sustaining ability. When we work with nature, we can maximize our natural farming results and use of the land. KNF teaches us how to be observant and aware of the intricacies of plant and livestock growth. Korean Natural Farming helps us to understand better what inputs we are putting in the soil and what solutions we can use to increase our production.

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Break Free
From Convention

As a farmer you understand the importance of inputs, but what was intended to help you produce higher yields can often become more of a problem than a solution. Fluctuating prices of industry standard fertilizers and oils used in conventional farming directly affect your profits. Not only is it expensive and challenging to keep up with, these harsh chemicals deplete your soil of its natural nutrients, making you reliant on them to continue farming your land.

Who is Chris Trump?

Chris Trump is the first person to use Korean Natural Farming techniques on a large-scale farm. He is the creator of the latest version of liquid IMO and he has perfected the Korean Natural Farming (KNF) inputs and solutions so that they are incredibly effective. Chris wants to walk alongside you on this KNF journey. He will help your farm/garden be successful, just like his.

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Freeing people world-wide from the broken food system. 

If we want to see sustainability and profits grow for our own farmland, as well as help end the food crisis world-wide, then we need to do things differently. We have to break away from traditional farming industry practices and learn how to farm without the use of hazardous chemicals. It starts with us.

The Mission


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