The Nutritive Cycle Simplified


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The Nutritive Cycle Video Training Series

The Nutritive Cycle is beautiful in its complexity. The principles of the Nutritive Cycle are fundamental in understanding what your plant needs to thrive. I wish I would’ve had this course when I started on my own Natural Farming journey, and that’s why I created it. In it, you’ll have the tools you need for every plant growing situation. The key is knowing the principles of the Nutritive Cycle so that you can customize it for your farm. This is a tool to grow productive crops at a low cost.

I’ve personally studied under Master Cho, one of the key innovators of Korean Natural Farming. Through translators and numerous trips to South Korea, I’ve made this missing link in Natural Farming available to the English speaking world. Discover in this video course when to apply each Natural Farming input and solution and how to easily make a tailored plan for your plant’s specific needs in the Nutritive Cycle, while keeping your costs down.

I taught this session in a 5-day intensive class and I’m just now making it available online. This is the best and most concise introduction and explanation of the Nutritive Cycle available anywhere.

This is a living course. I’ll be adding extra Q&A videos answering the most frequently asked questions about the Nutritive Cycle to my online course attendees. I want to make sure that you understand these concepts and are equipped to implement the Nutritive Cycle on your farm/garden.

You also get:

The Ultimate Process Cheat Sheet ($29 value)

This Ultimate Process Cheat Sheet will save you time by streamlining the creation of the Natural Farming process. You’ll have all of the Natural Farming recipes in one convenient place including checklists you can mark off as you go. This will be your go-to guide that you’ll use over and over again and you’ll find it inside the course.

The Nutritive Cycle Action Guide ($19 value)

This Action Guide walks you through the life cycle of a rice plant from start to finish. Learn what Natural Farming inputs and solutions should be applied at every stage of life.

The Nutritive Cycle Action Guide will be inside the course so you get instant access. This guide is extremely valuable in understanding​ the Nutritive Cycle and is referred to throughout the course.

This Action Guide is an example that will guide you to create your own unique feeding regiment.

This feeding regiment is tailored to your plant’​s needs resulting in more productive and healthier plants.

Ongoing Q&A Nutritive Cycle Video ($47 value)

This course will just get better and better because you get to add input into it!

I’ll be adding video to answer the most frequent questions you have on the Nutritive Cycle.

The extra Q&A videos will be added to the course, for FREE.

There’s a spot inside of the course to submit your Nutritive Cycle questions.

I want to make sure that you understand the Nutritive Cycle and how to put the concepts taught into practice.

The Nutritive Cycle Simplified




This course is the perfect place to start learning about Korean Natural Farming. The concepts and solutions introduced to you in this course will give you a head-start in your KNF journey.