Korean Natural Farming for Livestock

Chris Trump will teach you how to use and apply Korean Natural Farming techniques to transform the way you raise your livestock. Let’s get started!


High quality feed and living floors

In Korean Natural Farming, livestock is the crown jewel. The no-smell piggery and chicken raising techniques are second to none.  The techniques are both profitable and scalable and used all over the world. These techniques make incredible use of available agricultural waste by incorporating microbes (IMO 4) to establish high-quality feed and living floors. As effective and proven as the technique is, a farmer’s love is the most important component in Natural Farming livestock. 

No-smell Piggery

Can you imagine how nice it would be to have a no-smell piggery? It is possible with Korean Natural Farming. Check out the video below so you can make a no-smell piggery yourself.

Chicken Farming

Are you ready to use Korean Natural Farming techniques for your chicken’s entire life-span?


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