Indigenous Microorganism (IMO)


Increase Soil Nutrients

IMO creates extremely fertile land and is the most important input in Korean Natural Farming. Are you ready for chart-topping soil nutrients that are indigenous to where you live? IMO fosters the best microorganisms from your area.

There is nothing better for your land than Indigenous Microorganisms. Get the best of both worlds with IMO- super healthy plants and disease prevention.

There are 5 stages in the creation of Indigenous Microorganisms. Check out the videos below to get a good understanding of the IMO process.

Intro to Indigenous Microorganisms

IMO Supply & Resource Guide

IMO 1 & 2

How to IMO 1
How to IMO 2
IMO 1 & 2 on the Trump Farm


Finish IMO 3
Discover IMO 3
Applying liquid IMO on the Trump farm

IMO 4 & 5

How to IMO 4
Applying IMO 4 & soil foundation
How to IMO 5

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