Who is Chris Trump?

How It Started

Chris Trump is a world-renown Korean Natural Farmer (KNF) and the first to use KNF on a large-scale farm. Chris is an educator, philanthropist, and loves sushi.

Chrisheart is to equip, empower and inform gardeners, farmers, and philanthropists Korean Natural Farming techniques that will transform livestock and crop production naturally at very little cost. He has experienced the transformation of his crops and land through KNF, and wants you to experience those results yourself.

Chris has traveled the world speaking and learning from Master Cho himself (the founder of KNF) and teaching KNF methods across the U.S. and to 3rd world countries to create sustainability.

Chris Trumps Story

Chris Trump grew up farming a variety of different crops and livestock using conventional and organic farming methods. In 1988, his family took over a 800-acre macadamia nut farm in Hawaii and they are still farming it today. On this farm, Chris learned the ins and outs of farming. One of the biggest obstacles in their macadamia nut farm was the cost of importing herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers all the way to Hawaii. The cost of shipping was stripping the family farms revenue. This sparked Chris Trumps search for a solution that not only would be cost-effective but would increase production and profits so they could continue to pay their employees a living wage.

In 2005, the Trump farm had an infestation of green stink bug that led to an 80% crop failure. The Trumps were desperate for a solution to save their family farm and recoup their losses. They had to sell all of their farm equipment, they were going to lose their house as collateral and had to lay off all of their employees. Chrisfamily was able to buy back a few pieces of equipment with the crop insurance check they received and rehire a skeleton crew. Before the stink bug infestation, half of the trees were conventionally farmed and half were organic. Since the conventionally farmed trees were more profitable they just focused on the conventional trees, they let the organic trees go fallow.

Then Chris heard about a Korean Natural Farming seminar held in Hawaii, so he went. The Korean Natural Farming (KNF) techniques were completely opposite to conventional methods. For example, they recommended uprooting a tree that you would transplant, cut down the taproot and let the tree dry out a few days before replanting. The KNF premise seemed radical, but Chris had noticed from observing nature that it just might work.

So, Chris started on his journey in Korean Natural Farming. Chris experimented using KNF inputs and solutions on a small portion of the diseased trees in his families orchard. The results were astounding. The trees would typically be counted a loss in conventional agriculture as we don't have a method for remediating this type of disease, however with the application of Natural Farming methods we experienced recovery of the diseased trees and they eventually thrived.

After seeing the success of KNF, the Trump family switched all of their organic macadamia nut orchards into KNF methods. Before, their organic trees were yellowed and not performing as well as their conventionally farmed trees. But once they started using Korean Natural Farming methods, those trees started to outperform the conventional ones. Macadamia nut trees that would usually be cut down because they were diseased and unable to recover, were thriving and producing abundantly. KNF solutions changed the fate of the Trump farm.

Korean Natural Farming has enabled the Trump macadamia nut farm to become certified organic, for about half the price of traditional organic inputs. Chris Trump is passionate about sharing how Korean Natural Farming has transformed his farm and how it is a game-changer for producing crops that are incredibly nutrient-dense and sustainable.

Chris Trump is the first person to use Korean Natural Farming techniques on a large-scale farm. He is the creator of the latest version of liquid IMO and he has perfected the KNF inputs and solutions so that they are incredibly effective and adapted to the Hawaii and mainland USA. Chris wants to walk alongside you on this KNF journey. He will help your farm/garden be successful, just like his.

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